Original watercolor painting

Painting A Bagel

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Let's start to paint a watercolor of a bagelMaterials:
9" x 12" cold-press watercolor block
#2 HB pencil
#12 round Chinese brush
watercolor paint: Red, Yellow, Blue and Burnt Umber

In this demonstration, I will capture the feel of the soft surface of a bagel, the beautiful colors and very fine details. We also need to keep in mind three-dimensional space as the front of the bagel is closer to us.

Rough Stetch

painting method: step 1With a #2 HB pencil, using straight lines only, outline the most essential elements accurately but loosely. Remember, this is only the first step of the process and do not overdo the drawing, otherwise we could lose the spontaneity and excitement of watercolor.

Sometimes we skep this step and not doing the pencil sketch on the watercolor paper, however, we do it with light watercolor paint, or do it in my mind.

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