Original watercolor paintings of kids, oil paintings of kids, comic books of kids, and drawings of kids.

Watercolor Paintings and Drawings by kids, Kai Chen, our young artist

Kai Chen
Watercolor Painting and Drawings
Kai likes to express his thoughts and feeling in drawings and art. Since he was about three, he drew maps on paper, to record the events and activities of trips and local events, with more details than most kids can describe with words. Mary Churchill offered drawing and watercolor lessons for kids in Nashua. Kai started to take art lessons from Churchill, first study pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, then started watercolor painting...
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Comic Books by Kid for Kids: Ellen's Comic Books and Illustration

Ellen Chen
Young Comic Book Artist: Ellen Chen
Ellen Chen is a sweet and talented girl. Ellen has a hobby, she likes to express her imagination and fantasies in comic books. She writes down all her fantasies and imagination on paper, then she illustrates stories with her unique cartoon drawings and crayon. She usually does one comic book a day, sometimes more. Ellen started making her comic books since she was five years old...
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Kenrick's oil paintings

Kenrick Tsang
Oil Painting and Color Pencil Art
Kenrick is a talented young artist. He has studied oil paintings for years and won numerals of prizes from local art competitions. He lives in Quincy, Massachusetts. He is a seven grade student who love to watch Chinese Kungfu legent movies and practice karate and speaking Chinese...
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