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Thanks for all your support and encouragement on our web site and online learning center. On this page, we select the comments of some of our friends from around the world. We will continue to create more and more helpful materials to share with you.

INSPIRATIONS Many of Yong Chen's students have been enjoying the fun and joy of learning watercolor. Some of these students had no prior painting and drawing experience. How did they learned the techniques and secrets in a short period of time, and be able to paint watercolor with confidence? Click here to view their artwork and read about their watercolor learning experience.


THANK YOU, Yong Chen, for the wonderful WC demonstrations of Linda and her husband, Don. Your articulation of the WHOLE process has given me the confidence to attempt a WC portrait.

thanks for the learning experience and it is great to be able to follow your instructions and experience the joy of drawing.


Thank you, I am so excited about your site and appreciate the link you sent on lessons. I am just beginning to learn about watercolor a dream I have always held on to. Now that I have more time I plan to pursue, so thanks again and have a wonderful Holiday season.
Regards from


Merry Christmas and thank you very much for your generosity in sharing your talent and art.


THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I discovered your site by accident having recently resumed painting at home. Watercolor is my preferred medium and I adore portraiture so I really appreciated your work. It is exquisite and it is so very generous of you to share techniques.



Thank you and the artists who give the demonstrations very much for the most helpful introduction to watercolours I have found. I have tried many books and DVDs but nothing beats watching an artist do the work.
Lal Green


I found your web pages and am just so thrilled with your work. I am much older than you and thought I could paint portraits but have nothing to compare with you. You are so gifted.
I wish you were here in new Zealand so that I could study with you.!

Thank you for inspiring me and for your wonderful work.
Kindest regards.


I wanted to tell you how moving and beautiful I find your paintings. You have managed to capture so much life and movement in them. I have been taking watercolor classes for almost three years. I've been raising my children and never found the time before. I am inspired by what I see in your work. Perhaps one day I will get the hang of this. Ha!
Thank you for your inspiration.
Sincerely, L. W.


I throughly enjoyed the first video and am looking forward to the next.
I have many books on how to paint with watercolor and have tried many projects, but it is very exciting to see how you apply the techniques.
Thank you for providing this demonstration.


thanks for the demonstration, very helpful. ^_^


I just watched your "vlog" 3 times in a row- I LOVE it! I cannot wait for the next one- thank you so much! I particularly enjoyed the way you used sumi-e techniques with Western watercolor techniques. Please, please keep the 'vlogs" coming!


about the vlog: this is excellent! I feel like i am right there. i am going to go right this minute and try it. can't wait for rest of flower. thank you thank you, anne

Thanks for the lesson, explain nicely. Can't wait for part two.


Great idea - its nice to see how it builds up and seeing different techniques.


Thankyou so much for demonstrations. I 've been painting in watercolor for 40 yrs. now and really appreciate a new perspective.
Thanks for the lesson


I am very impressed with your painting techniques but mostly with your handling of inner human light in your work. It is always the root of connection between an artist and his audience.


I visited your web site, and I am very impressed with your work. I am a beginning students who is learning to work with watercolors and acrylics. Your lessons are very helpful. I would like for you to provide a lesson on how to paint straw. I am working on an acrylic painting, and on the bottom half of the bottle, there is straw surrounding it. I am unable to get the effect of straw.
(Sharon, when you focus too much on the "straw", it will not come out right, try to analysis what you see as colors, and lines.)


You really captured a wonderful likeness of Linda. Your work is fresh and sparkling. I am in the process of loosening up in watercolour and with my new fervour for looseness, found your demo a little tight. But never the less inspiring and informative. Your work is so happy!


These lessons are very helpful. thank you.


I liked your site


hi, the alpha birds is FANTASTIC BEAUTIFUL. OH NICE


Hi yong, I just started to learn how do the water color paint. I am practicing at home, I finished banana and red apple water color. I followed step by step that you indicated on web side. Thank you for that, it helps me a lot also it came out nice compare. I am a very beginner. It is so fun to do water coloring. I didn't know water color paint this much fun to do.


Thank you so much for these valuable lessons on value, color balance and texture. I am 5o years old and doing watercolor work for the first time. I have done a few and would appreciate it so much if you could help me inprove my work.


I never painted before and really enjoyed Chen's tutorial on how to paint an apple!! Thank you!!


thank you for your wonderful site. I wonder if the past critiques are available. I find them enormously helpful. thank you again, you give me courage and inspiration. anne

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