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Painting A Bagel

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Values Finished

painting method: step 4Add more burnt umber to define the shadows. Now the values and overall color definition are completed.

Many of us move into the small area, and stay there too early. Keep your mind and eyes on the balance of the color temperature and value study in the painting process. This is important. We are creating a piece of art, a watercolor painting, not a copy of the subject.

Removing Color: Details

painting method: step 5One of the most important techniques in my watercolor painting is taking (removing) color off the paper. While the second layer of paint is still wet, dry the brush, and use the tip of the brush to remove some of the paint. Move the brush very slowly and carefully, drying the brush frequently. Take the paint away from the areas you want to appear as highlights.

Why we want to paint the color on watercolor, then partially remove it? It is all about the soft texture effect and bagel's unique material feel.

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