Original paintings for sales by Yong Chen

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Many people classified my watercolor painting style as realistic impressionism. However, I am simply using the way that most comfortably expressing my inner emotional feeling, through my favorite subjects. Since my childhood, started from acrylic, gouache, oil, then Chinese brush painting. I have been experimented almost every styles through the history of art.

Since 1992, I slowly shifted my focus to illustration in watercolor medium, and moved away from pure fine art. I realized that I needed stories in my paintings, I like more meaning to my paintings though they are not for a illustration project. Back in my college year, Betsy, my college adviser and one of my close friends, wrote a story. The title of the story was "Justin Case", It became my first illustration project.

After I studied graphic design, I went on to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design to study Illustration, to pursue my passion for illustrating stories.

In my original watercolor paintings, I always tried to experiment new techniques through each project. In this Gallery, I selected the watercolor paintings I created for a children's calendar, and cover arts for my published children's books.

After the past ten year of illustration for children's books and magazines, I found that my working process have been changed, to more research, more planning, and more thinking and re-thinking, even before the painting stage. And the result, is more satisfied.

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