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Art and the City: attention-grabbing works exude emotion
Art Business News, August, 2004 by Debbie Hagan
Smithsonian searching for portrait painters
Art Business News, June, 2005
Painting watercolor fractions
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Ellen McNally
Watercolor Basics and Experimental Watercolor
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Barbara Herberholz
Easy Watercolor: Learn to Express Yourself
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Jerome J. Hausman
Landscapes in Watercolor
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Jerome J. Hausman
Painting the Impressionist Watercolor
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Jerome J. Hausman
Lawrence C. Goldsmith : a Life in Watercolor
Reviewer's Bookwatch,  Nov, 2004  by Henry Berry
Portraits In Watercolor - Brief Article
Arts & Activities,  March, 2001  by Barbara Herberholz
East Meets Quest
Electronic Gaming Monthly,  April, 2005  by Jennifer Tsao

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