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Color and value in a watercolor painting

Original watercolor paintings by Minda Cabrera, Suggestions by Yong Chen

I found that some artists started painting from the subjects, that they love in their daily lives, for example, flowers. This is happened to most of us. Final all, art is a good way to express ourselves through the common subject that we can relate to...
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Color and value in a watercolor painting

Original painting by Anne Davis, Suggestions by Yong Chen

This watercolor painting has been submitted by artist Anne Davis. The craft and techniques used in this painting are great. The colors are vivid and the style is relaxed and loose. The painting is beautiful as it is, but my suggestions for further experimentation are to add more depth and values to the painting which would improve the balance of colors...Adjust the color balance and value, enrich the neighboring colors, add variety of colors to the vertical area, add darker value to the background...
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Watercolor painting critique, suggestions by Yong Chen on how to work with color, motion and composition in a painting

Original painting by Chrystal Robinson, Suggestions by Yong Chen

I like this painting, the artist expressed a strong emotion. Somehow it seems there is still room to express more. Maybe the fires should be bigger, maybe there is more motion movement. And the colors seem a bit weak...
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Step-by-step Color Study for a Home Portrait in Watercolor

Original painting by Kai Chen, Suggestions by Yong Chen

Sometimes when you look at a painting, you may feel uncomfortable, and not be quite sure why that it is. The techniques are fine, the details are rendered well. So what is it? What could be laying inside of these obvious things? This is what is called: design elements in a painting...
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Critique on an oil landscape painting on how to more a landscape painting more exciting.

Original painting by Kenrick Tsang, Suggestions by Yong Chen

I would like to give my thoughts for possible improvements. Here are what I consider to be the issues for this oil landscape painting: 1) There is not enough depth of space between foreground and the background. 2) There is no focal point. 3) There is a lack of motion within the painting.
This is how I would modify this painting...
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