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Painting A Bagel

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Adding Cast Shadow

painting method: step 6Mix blue color with burnt umber then paint in the area of the shadow cast by the bagel on to the table. Let it dry.

Remember this is not the final step of the painting, let your impression and take the lead, keep your focus on the overall impression, overall color temperature, value build-up. Bagel has different feel of the surface texture and material from a yellow apple.

Final Touches

painting method: step 7Use red and burnt umber to add more details, defining the creases, the line where the bagel has been sliced, and deepening the shadow in the hole. In this step, I use more water so that the brush will not distort the previous layers of colors. This step is the most fun - I finally make the painting complete. My painting now looks like the picture I had in my mind before I did the drawing.

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