Original watercolor painting

Painting A Yellow Apple

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yellow apple settingMaterials:
9" x 12" cold-press watercolor block
HB pencil
one mid size round Chinese brush

watercolor paint: red, yellow, blue, burnt umber

In this demonstration, I will show you how to use the different values of color to make an apple appear three-dimensional. (Definition: the value of a color is how light or dark it is.)

Rough Sketch

Painting method: step 1Place the apple where light can be seen coming strongly from one side. The apple will have areas of highlight, mid-light and shadow. There will be light reflected from the surface the apple is placed on and the apple will cast a shadow on that surface. Sketch the apple and its shadow, using an HB pencil. When I sketch, I use straight lines and try to keep it simple. Think of this as the first step in the entire creation. We don't need to completely define the value in the first step. We will be building the form using different values of color, painting layer by layer, to build-up the forms.

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