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original watercolor painting by Yong Chen

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Autumn - the Beaut of Nature in the Fall

Original Watercolor Painting - contact us for details if you are interested.
Size: 20 x 14 inches
Medium: Watercolor painting on watercolor paper

The connection of human and nature is also an profound subject to study. As I grew up in a country in China,  nature was the only thing I’d been with each day. When it was a school day, each  morning before  sun-rise I left home in the dark, holding a oil lump, with a heavy backpack on  my back, and walk to school on the familiar path. The sound of cricks usually was my only company. When it was a weekend or holiday, I usually took care of the farming ox along side the river, seashore, or at the footer of a mountain. In my childhood, nature was a big part of my life... It is still deep in my memory.

For an illustration project, I had an opportunity to work on a children’s calendar. I did 12 watercolor paintings and each for each month of the year. This project brought me back to that memory path again. This painting was for the month of October. As a New Englander live in New Hampshire. Each October, I fall in love with the colors and the exotic country scenery. Every body may enjoy different activity in the moth of October. For me, I love to take a walk in the country, visit a farm, do apple-picking with my family, grab a pumpkin from the ground, look at the small animals playing, and enjoy the vivid colors on the trees. It is purely magical.

A local television station produced a program during my exhibition in New Hampshire and this painting was a part of the program. Click here to watch the video and learn more about the "stories behind my paintings".

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