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Special Presentation: Stories Behind My Paintings

In this special production of Nashua Television, artist and educator, Yong Chen unveiled the inspiration and stories behind some of his recent watercolor paintings.

Snack Time
Many years ago, I returned to China to visit my friends and families. One day when I walked in a village with my friends, I saw a little boy sitting on a small stool in front of his old home, and was having a snack. I saw myself just like this little boy — so many years ago, enjoying the time alone. This painting, which I finally did after many years, is a reminder to myself that there is still a lonely boy inside of me.

There are always some moments in our lives, so ordinate, so mundane, yet they remind us that life is so beautiful. About five years ago, my family and I went back to China for a vacation. In those following 6 weeks, we spent most of the time with families and stayed in one of our relatives’ big house. Every day, we got up, took a bus for the city, and then walked to my in-law’s apartment where everyone stayed. One day, I got up and looked in the bathroom. I saw my wife fixing our daughter’s hair before leaving the house. This is symbolic of her being prepared, while still in her childhood, to leave it and enter into the real world. Love appeared naturally. …

This is a special production of Nashua Television, NH. 2008. Special thanks to all my teachers, friends, and classmates from Hartford Art School Limited Residency MFA in Illustration, for all the good time we had. Again, we hope you enjoy this special presentation. Love art, and live in it.

Learn more about the watercolor paintings in this video that artist Yong Chen talked about, you can click here to view and read about them in the watercolor painting gallery section.

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