Original watercolor painting

Painting Banana and Red Apple

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Let's learn how to paint a still-life watercolor paintingMaterials:
9" x 12" cold-press watercolor block
HB pencil
#12 round Chinese brush

watercolor paint: red, yellow, and blue,

In this demonstration, we are putting two subjects together in a setting; this will add a new challenge and dimension to our painting. We will see the setting as one subject and the balance between the items as another subject. Painting a still life is a good way to practice applying color and value (darkness vs. lightness).

Placeing Objects and Rough Sketch

painting method: drawing stageWe begin by thinking where to place the main subjects, then work out the visual relationships between the apple, banana and cloth in terms of size. Be loose with your drawing until you feel that you have the relationships properly represented.

Sometimes we skep this step and not doing the pencil sketch on the watercolor paper, however, we do it with light watercolor paint, or do it in my mind.

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