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Painting Banana and Red Apple

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Correcting and Adding Details

painting method: step 4You can correct areas which you have overpainted through a technique known as " washing". To wash, load a clean brush with water and go over the dark and muddy sections of your painting. Don't be shy. Express yourself freely and then correct your painting. Only keep the sections of the painting that you like, and add extra details as you see them. In this process, squint your eyes so that you are seeing the major comparison of color and value between banana and apple and the backgrounds.


painting method: step 5A painting is finished when you are satisfied with it. Does it express your impression of the subject? Does it capture a sense of the color and light that you see in front of you?

Sometime is important to know when to stop painting. Sit back, look at your painting from distance. Squint your eyes if you need to. As yourself this question: is there anything missing?

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