children's book Swimming with Sharks illustrations by Yong Chen

Girl looked into the shark's eyes. Watercolor illustration

Children's book watercolor illustration for
Swimming with Sharks

This watercolor painting as the illustration for Swimming with Sharks, a children's book written by Weig C. George, and published by HarperCollins Publishers in Summer, 1999.

Not everyone in their life-time has the chance to look at the eyes of a shark. And many people may prefer not to have the chance to get close to a shark. The young girl in this children's book had that chance, where she swims and looks into the eyes of a shark.

Book Summary: ...Until she began to take notice of the unusual-looking fish that visited her grandparents' dock every day. When Sarah discovers she's befriended a baby lemon shark, her fascination with sharks begins. Before long, Sarah and her grandfather are inseparable as they spend hours tracking, observing, and swimming with sharks. The Florida summer heats up quickly with heart-pounding shark encounters and the daring pursuit of two shark-fin poachers. This is a shark-filled summer Sarah and her grandfather won't soon forget. Learn More about this book >

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