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mountain zones illustration for AppleSeed children's magazine

Children's magazine watercolor illustration for
Why the Kikuyu Love Mount Kenya

This watercolor painting was used as a full-page illustration for Appleseeds Magazine. Appleseeds Magazine is a children's magazine located in Peabody, New Hampshire.

In this watercolor illustration, I painted the hard-working Kikuyu people lived and worked at the footer of the Mount Kenya. The activities of daily lives. They were working on the farm, fishing in the river, hunting from the mountain.

I did the search on the Kikuyu and Mount Kenya, I learned that the Kikuyu people lived in the huts (houses), lived simple lives, but there was something always strong from men to women to children, from generation to another generations, that was Love.

Kikuyu men and women, love Mount Kenya, its each plant, each grass, each rock, and each drop of water from its streams and rivers, love its Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter,

I tried to use this watercolor illustration painting tell the interesting story even without words. The story titled as Why the Kikuyu men and women Love Mount Kenya.

I use watercolor as my favorite medium for my children's books and children's magazine illustrations.

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