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Lorenzo Palmer Latimer, California watercolor painter .
Magazine Antiques, April, 2005 by Alfred C. Harrison, Jr.
Mary Rollins
Art Business News, Jan, 2005
Rehabilitating Rebay
Art in America, Dec, 2005 by Edward Leffingwell
Walton Ford at Paul Kasmin
Art in America, Oct, 2005 by Michael Amy
Michael Waugh at Schroeder Romero
Art in America, June-July, 2005 by Calvin Reid
Pat Adams at Zabriskie
Art in America, June-July, 2005 by Edward Leffingwell
Miquel Barcelo at C&M Arts
Art in America, June-July, 2005 by Brian Boucher
The portrait miniatures of Eulabee Dix - watercolor painter
Magazine Antiques, Nov, 1994 by Anne Sue Hirshorn
American still-life painting
Magazine Antiques, June, 2005 by Allison Eckardt Ledes
Guillaume Apollinaire, The Cubist Painters; Apollinaire and Cubism
Romanic Review, May 2004 by Aurora, Vincent
Art in a Mirror: The Counterproofs of Mary Cassatt
Magazine Antiques, Nov, 2004 by Pamela A. Ivinski
Fuschia Bloom
Art Business News, Dec, 2004
Abstract watercolorist presented
Art Business News, August, 2004
The expatriate years of Henry Roderick Newman - watercolor painter
Magazine Antiques, April, 1996 by Royal W. Leith
How to paint like Georgia O'Keeffe
Instructor, April, 2004 by Hannah Trierweiler
The American watercolor in the 1920s
Magazine Antiques, March, 1998 by Barbara Dayer Gallati
The New York Water Color Club
Magazine Antiques, Nov, 2005 by David A. Cleveland

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