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Due to the PDF file incompatible to some artists' computer environment, we have discontinued our lessons as PDF newsletter, but in online video media format. Per our members request, we list the following links of our previous monthly newsletter in PDF format. For our video demonstrations, please visit our learning center.
Newsletter of November 2006
In this issue, contain: step-by-step watercolor home portrait painting demo, suggestions on improvement of a landscape, what's new - Yong Chen's new children's book. download
Newsletter of December 2006
In this issue, contain: step-by-step watercolor color study process demonstration, design elements in a landscape painting. download
Newsletter of January 2007
In this issue, contain: step-by-step demonstration of painting a watercolor portrait from photo, suggestions - composition workshop - shapes, what's new - desktop wallpaper with a calendar. download
Newsletter of February 2007
In this issue, contain: Yong's process of children's book illustration, suggestions of color, motion and composition, what's new - YongChen.com in mySpace. download
Newsletter of March 2007
In this issue, contain: step-by-step methods of painting a still-life watercolor, suggestions of color and value in a painting, what's new - artists' community forum. download
Holiday special edition: Christmas Card
In this issue, artist Mary Churchill demonstrate her techniques of painting a hand-made Christmas card in watercolor. download
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