Original watercolor painting

Painting Flowers in Watercolor
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Tools, materials and reference:

We will create a 25" X 31" painting (paper size) using ARCHES 140 lb. Cold-Press paper.

I prefer, and use Brera-Maimeri Blu (made in Italy) watercolor paints.

My students use Professional Products to avoid disappointments.

Brushes are according to size of paper and subject matter. For this painting, I used:
FLAT - #1 inch - #12 - #8
FILBERT - #12 - #10 - #6 - #4
ROUND - #12 - #6 - #4 - #1 (my rounds are Kolinsky Sables)

My palette has:
BLACK: Ivory Black and Payne‚s Grey bluish (this is wonderful where there is a white flower or shirt.)
YELLOW: Permanent Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow Light
VIOLET: Permanent Violet Blueish OR Colbalt Violet
RED: Alizerian Crimsian Permanent, Permanent Red Deep
BLUE: Ultramarine Deep, Colbalt Blue Deep, Prussian (sometimes)
GREEN: Sap Green, Permanent Green Light, Phthalagreen, Turquoise Green
BROWN: Burnt Sienna: Vandyke Brown
ORANGE: Permanent Orange

You will need a water basin, or jar and paper towels.

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