oil paintings by kid, Kenrick Tsang

Kenrick's Oil Paintings and Drawings

Here are some recent oil paintings and color pencil artwork of our talented young boy, Kenrick Tsang. We will update his paintings when they are available. Please click on each image below to view his beautiful paintings and color pencil drawing.

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About our young talented artist: Kenrick Tsang:
Kenrick is a thirteen-year-old boy. Unlike his parents, he was born in Boston and started the school when he was five years old. He is now in eight grade in Sacred Heart School in Quincy, MA. Kenrick enjoys his school life very much. He likes English, Religion, Mathematics, and especially the gym lesson. Apart from the regular school, he also spends time on piano, painting, and Tae Kwon Do.

Kenrick started Tae Kwon Do in 2002 as a white belt student. He likes Tae Kwon Do because he can learn self-defense and discipline as well. He has a lot of friends in the school. Kenrick passed the black belt first-degree exam in 2005 and is pursuing the second degree. He goes to the school every Fridays and Saturdays. He plans to take the second-degree exam in the summer of 2007.

Kenrick has a good memory and good hearing. His piano teacher always encourages him to spend more time on piano because he is very talent in music. Kenrick has learned piano for three years and can play a lot of classic songs. He plans to write some songs in future once he gets more knowledge on music.

Kenrick is doing really good in art class. He has won some drawing contests in the past two years. He participated in a State level drawing contest and was the third runner-up. He earned a trip to meet the Lt. Governor, Kerry Healy, in the State House for the prize awarding ceremony. He also participated in an arts festival in Quincy and has won two awards. One was an honorable mention for drawing Sailboats and the other was an excellence award for drawing Scenery.

Kenrick likes Kung Fu and video games, he wants to be a Police Officer or a video games designer. Therefore, he works hard on those Tae Kwon Do lessons and also plays very hard on video games.

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