children's book Maria's Loose Tooth illustrations by Yong Chen

children's book illustration in Watercolor for "Maria's Loose Tooth", finally, Mom came home from work, by Yong Chen

Children's picture book watercolor illustration for
Maria's Loose Tooth

Final, Mom is home! Maria opened the front door, two drops of tear came out from Maria's eyes. She looked at Mom. Mom smiled with love and understanding, she seemed to know everything, include all the secrects in Maria's mind. In Mom's left hand, there is a shining golden box. Mom said: "Dear, this is your present, a tooth box, for your loose tooth."

Loose Tooth and Tooth Fairy: Around the age of five, a child will discover their first wiggly tooth. When that little tooth falls out, as most parents told their child to put the tooth under the pillow to wait for the Tooth Fairy to take it away, and maybe leave a couple dollar bills. To make it more memorable, some parents slip the Authentic Tooth Fairy Dollar and leave a personalized Thank You Note, so that the child will believe it more and happier. Most children believe Tooth Fairy, as for any Fairy.

The Tradition: There many different Tooth Fairy traditions from around the world. Historically, the idea of exchanging a gift for a child's tooth was established by the Vikings. When a child in the Viking society lost his or her tooth, the elders would give the child something special in return Viking men believed that a child's tooth brought them power over his enemies in times of battle. Thus, this cultural tradition has grown to modern day mothers and fathers exchanging their children's teeth for gift via that magical being, the Tooth Fairy. Pewter Box- (such as Tooth Fairies on Seesaw, Tooth Fairy Swinging, Tooth Fairy Sitting) Faerie Coins, Tooth Fairy Pillow, Tooth Fairy / Fairy Godmother Wand, are among the popular gift items for this occasion.

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