children's book Starfish Summer illustrations by Yong Chen

I can ride the bike! children's book illustration for "Starfish Summer"

Children's book interior drawing illustration for
Starfish Summer

This interior drawing as the illustration for Starfish Summer, a children's book written by Ona Gritz-Gilbert, and published by HarperCollins Publishers in Summer, 1998.

Mama's girl is learning riding a bike!

Through illustrating the Starfish Summer children's book, I learned much about starfish. How the starfish grow and live. To learn about starfish, click here.

Book Summary: Mama's girl! Mama's girl! That's what the kids in school call Amy. But this summer Amy's going to visit her great-aunt Jenny at the beach while Mom's away on business. Amy thinks it's the perfect chance to prove that she's not a mama's girl. But Amy's high hope of learning how to ride a bike and making new friends fall flat when Crystal, the only other girl Amy's age, seems to dislike Amy. Does Crystal think Amy's a mama's girl, too? Amy's disappointed at first, but soon she's soaking up the warmth of this quirky seaside community.

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