Original paintings for sales by Yong Chen

Birds are outside of the window in the snow, spring is coming. Watercolor painting by Yong Chen

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Inside/Out (birds, girl and her cat)

15 x 11 inches
Watercolor painting on watercolor paper

Children's Calendar Series
In 2001, I painted a series of watercolor paintings for publication of a children's calendar. This watercolor painting, for January of the year, shows in the early spring two birds outside the window on the snow, wishing they could be inside in the house where it is warm. The little girl and her cat inside are wishing they could be outside playing in the snow, like the birds.

From seeing the two birds outside the window, the little girl and her cat know that the spring is coming soon. They know the winter is about gone and they will see the colorful flowers will be back in the front yard, then the Easter will follow. Lot of fun!

This watercolor painting uses people and birds as the subjects to express the humor and a universal message about love and nature. It seems a small matter around our everyday lives, love and wish are always within us.

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