children's book Maria's Loose Tooth illustrations by Yong Chen

watercolor painting by Grace Taylor, a proud student of Yong Chen

Watercolor painting by
Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor's watercolor learning experience:
I must admit that I know very little about art in general. My last art class was in grade school. The flow of watercolor and peaceful nature of the strokes are what drew me to it. My mother is an art teacher in the town where I grew up and although she is a fabulous artist, it never inspired me to do anything with my own artistic nature until last year. After watching my mother and a friend of hers, I began experimenting with watercolor.

I learned how to mix red and blue to make purple and so on and so fourth. I know what still life and landscape paintings are, but I had difficulty painting or even finishing a drawing. I have only done one painting of a friend’s cat, but I knew that I wanted to get better. I was using watercolor pencils which are obviously not the correct type of watercolor paint to use. The block of pre-stretched paper was also new to me. The ones I was working with before warped and I wondered what I was doing wrong. The brushes are far bigger than the ones I was using. I can see how my painting can improve by simply adding the correct tools to better my artwork.

The complexity of this form of art scares my a little, since I am coming from a place where I know nothing of art. I look forward to learning a lot from this course and more about art in general.

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