children's book Maria's Loose Tooth illustrations by Yong Chen

watercolor painting by Cristina Gibau, a proud student of Yong Chen

Watercolor painting by
Cristina Gibau

Cristina Gibau's watercolor learning experience:
I have never taken a water color class in the past. So, I really do not have a water color experience to go by or use in class. The only time I’ve might of done water color is in elementary school. I believe in the art class in elementary school the techniques where petty, so I do not remember any of the techniques from elementary school. But I have not done any water color recent. I choose to take this class this spring semester b/c it seem like a interesting class to take, enjoyable and fun to learn or at least experience. I want to learn how to paint with a different type of paint, such as watercolor. I have already learned how to paint with acrylic so water color would be something new.

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