children's book Maria's Loose Tooth illustrations by Yong Chen

my first watercolor painting experience: watercolor painting of dog by Youngsun Kim, a proud student of Yong Chen

Watercolor painting by
Youngsun Kim

Youngsun Kim's watercolor learning experience:
Puppy painting: I chose the puppy for my painting because I liked the way the puppy smiled. Of course, the puppy was so lovely, cuddly, and cute. Just looking at the puppy gave anyone to smile and be happy. I learned from the critiques that I need to improve the 3 dimensional impacts of the color of the puppy. Overall, I think my painting was successful using one color.

In conclusion, I enjoyed so much as I paint all of my paintings. I was able to relax whenever I planned the process of painting and painted it. I was even forgetting about my stresses in life while I was focusing on the painting. Of course, I learned a lot from Mr. Chen’s advices. Listening to the advices and fixing the problems was the best part of the learning process. Completing and accomplishing in painting was extremely valuable thing to do. I always have a lot of fun in water color painting!

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