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I love the art of photography, though my photography talent seems not much shining comparing to my other talents in arts. However, when I come to a camera, I am as serious as when I paint with my brush.

Art is not only in painting, in illustration, in each piece of design. I have fallen in love with photography since I was in my first college where I studied Chemistry in China. We were required to study all chemical and mixing solutions in darkroom operation. I was always with my black and white camera, everywhere I go especially in vacations and holidays. I would take rolls and rolls of 12 by 12 black and white films, and spent my night after night in my darkroom. I enjoyed the creative process of photography. As all arts, it needs a pair of eyes to see the beauty in even a very normal subject and event, then with the camera to capture that meaningful moment in the unique angles. Each time when we push the shutter of a camera, is a trial of a unique concept.

As the computer and digital photography offer new convenience, I had stopped the darkroom process, but with my Apple Computer, Adobe Photoshop and my photo Inkjet printer. Over 20 year love for photography, and the state-of-the-art technology, I still love to capture every moment of every special day in life, into momerable pictures and video.

I love the challenge of on-site Wedding photography, with combination of traditional poses and reportage to capture each memorable smile, into frames, then share them with families and friends. Besides still photography, I have develped my new passion for video photography for weddings, birthdays, to record the most meaningful days and moments in life into video. Then I use the latest digital technology to produce Hollywood quality DVD movies.

Want to learn more my photography and video production talent, please drop me a note, love to hear from you.

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