Original watercolor painting

Watercolor Portrait of a Man

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Finish watercolor portraiture of a man 2H pencil
Watercolor paper

Watercolor paints:
Winsor Red, Prussian Blue, Winsor Yellow, Burnt Umber

Chinese goat-hair brush

Project Background

Because of the portrait I did for Linda, I also got to know a lot about her husband, Don, and how the met. I agreed to do a portrait of him as well. Don was a college professor, but now works for a computer science research corporation.

Knowing that Don likes to read, I chose his home library for the sitting. I did a few preliminary drawings and decided on the final concept and design for the portrait. I also took a number of digital photos. Back in the studio, I started the painting process by drawing a likeness of the subject, using a 2H pencil on high-quality watercolor paper.

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