Illustrations for Children's Magazines

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Illustration with Watercolor painting for a Spider Magazine story, The Mat and the Meal.Children's magazine watercolor illustration for The Mat and the Meal

This watercolor painting as the illustration for Spider children's magazine.

There are twin sisters, they are beautiful and smart. They live together with their dad and mom. One sister is good at making things with hands, like making mats; the other sister is good at cooking and baking, make the delicious meal.

Who is better? The twin sisters try their best to do the best Mat and the best Meal for their father. When they finish, one with a beautiful mat, one with a bowl of delicious meal. They brought them to their father in the hut. The father looks at them, first trys the mat, it is a very comfortable mat, the father likes it, he will use it whenever he will sit. Then, he trys the meal, the food the other girl cooked. The meal is so delicious, the father eats all and clean. Finally, the father finished the delicious meal. He said to both his smart daugthers, you are both good.

I use watercolor as my favorite medium for my children's books and children's magazine illustration. It was fun to illustrate for children's magazines, especially that the magazine is also your children's favorite magazine. Our children are now reading the children's magazines, like Spider and Cricket, with my watercolor illustrations in them.