Illustrations for Children's Magazines

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Mountain zones illustration for AppleSeed children's magazineChildren's magazine watercolor illustration for Mountain Zones

This watercolor painting as the illustration for Appleseeds, a children's magazine located in Peabody, New Hampshire.

There are many vegetation zones in a mountain. In each zone of the mountain, there are different animals live, plants, climate change. There are different activities between these animals. This story describes the different animals and lives in each of these four zones in the mountains.

Mountains cover about 20% of the Earth's continents and serve as an important water source for most major rivers. Paleologic records indicate that climate warming in the past has caused vegetation zones to shift to higher elevations, resulting in the loss of some species and ecosystems. Simulated scenarios for temperate-climate mountain sites suggest that continued warming could have similar consequences. Species and ecosystems with limited climatic ranges could disappear and, in most mountain regions, the extent and volume of glaciers and the extent of permafrost and seasonal snow cover will be reduced. Along with possible changes in precipitation this would affect soil stability and socio-economic activities such as agriculture, tourism, hydropower and logging. Resources for indigenous populations and recreational activities would also be disrupted.

I use watercolor as my favorite medium for my children's books and children's magazine illustration.