Alphabirds Poster: Alphabet Poster for Bird Lovers

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Poster Dimensions: 21 x 31.5 inches

alphabet of A alphabet of D alphabet of E alphabet of F alphabet of G alphabet of H alphabet of I alphabet of J alphabet of K alphabet of L alphabet of M alphabet of N alphabet of O alphabet of P alphabet of Q alphabet of R alphabet of S alphabet of T alphabet of U alphabet of V alphabet of W alphabet of X alphabet of Y alphabet of Z alphabet of B alphabet of C

This poster was printed on museum quality fine poster paper, using professional, full color offset printing. This poster was printed in 1996. The original artwork was painted on one piece of watercolor paper.

There is protective varnish on each bird alphabet letter.

This poster is a perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday, and for anybody in all ages who love birds and nature. It is educational as well as artistically attractive. Ideal for a school classroom or student's room.

For a limited time, your poster will come with the artist's signature with no extra cost to you.

This poster is unframed and unmatted, and comes rolled up and will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard shipping tube. Remember you are paying for a high quality poster. These posters lay flat and have never been rolled. They will only be rolled at the time of purchase and usually only spend at the most 3-5 days in the Shipping Tube during shipment.

About the artist, Yong Chen:

In China, Yong Chen grew up in a village with a strong cultural and artistic tradition. He have been drawing and painting nearly every day since he was four years old.

When he was in college, he explored different forms of art. He was a violinist, a song-writer and a passionate young poet. Yong found that, whether the final product was a poem, a song or a picture, the creative process was similar. Each was a means for him to express the emotions he feels through the relationship of people to nature.

Yong Chen is a children's book author and illustrator. His published children's books include: A Gift, The Shofar Must Go On, Finding Joy, Miz Fannie Mae's Fine New Easter Hat, Starfish Summer, Swimming with Sharks, his watercolor illustrations also appeared in Spider Magazine, Cricket Magazine and AppleSeeds Magazine. Yong Chen is also a watercolor portrait painter and full-time college art professor.

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Watercolor painting of bird alphabet - E is for Swift

Bird Alphabet E is for Swift

Swift Birds - common name for small, swallowlike birds related to the hummingbird and found all over the world, chiefly in the tropics. They range in size from 6 to 12 in. (15–30 cm) in length. Swifts have long wings and small feet and can perch only on vertical surfaces. They scoop up insects in their wide mouths while on the wing. Swifts are the most rapid fliers known among living creatures. In the United States the common eastern species is the chimney swift, Chaetura pelagica, miscalled chimney swallow. Its spiny tail acts as a prop when it clings to the chimneys in which it builds its nest of twigs, cemented with saliva. In the W United States are the black, Vaux's, and white-throated swifts. Some Asian swifts make their entire nest of a salivary secretion; these are the nests that are used to make bird's-nest soup. The common European swift is sometimes called hawk swallow. Other species include the brown-throated spinetail swift (C. gigantea) of India and the Philippines; the scissor-tailed swift (Panyptila sancti-Hieronymi) of Guatemala; the white-rumped swift (Apus caffer) of Africa; and the palm swift (Cypsiurus parvus) of SE Asia. True swifts vary greatly in their nesting habits, some being cliff breeders, some using palm leaves for building their nests, and others nesting in chimneys. Found in a separate family of the same order are the crested swifts, which are restricted to SE Asia. These birds roost in trees and inhabit the open woodlands. They feed on insects, caught on the wing. Crested swifts build tiny nests, about the size of a silver dollar, on tree branches. They deposit a single gray-blue egg, which is glued to the center of the nest. Swifts are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Apodiformes, families Apodidae (swifts) and Hemiprocnidae (crested swifts).