Online Watercolor I

– Introduction to Watercolor

An introduction to the medium of watercolor paint, this course demonstrates and explores basic techniques such as wet-on-dry, wet-on-wet, and washes. Students draw from observation and learn to manipulate value, tone, and color. Class time includes one-on-one instruction and group critiques. This course meets General Education “Humanities” Requirement.

Course Outlines

  1. Introduction, understanding the materials.
  2. Mixing colors and washes
  3. Color-lifting, wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry
  4. Value and value contrast
  5. Monotone painting, texture, composition
  6. Still-life painting - watermelon
  7. Still-life painting - mandarin orange
  8. Still-life painting - macintosh apple
  9. Still-life painting - yellow apple
  10. Animal painting - beach dog
  11. Landscape painting - snow beach
  12. Flower painting - rose bud
  13. Flower painting - daisy
  14. Final project

Student's Testimonial

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This is part of the class videos "painting still-life" in my Online Watercolor I Course.
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