Online Drawing I

– Fundamental Drawing

This Online Drawing I is a 3-credit college course. Drawing I is an introductory studio course designed to examine basic vocabulary and drawing skills and concepts. Using a wide range of drawing media, students work primarily from observation mastering the concepts of objective drawing. While concentrating on the formal visual elements –line, shape, value, texture and (limited) color, students explore such concepts as figure/ground, scale, positive and negative space, proportion, perspective, volume, light, compositional issues and pictorial unity. There is an emphasis on writing and communication skills for mastery of basic vocabulary, and process of evaluation and critique.

Course Outlines

  1. Introduction. Materials. Contour drawing.
  2. 1- and 2-point perspective.
  3. Continue 2-point perspective: Rectilinear and curvilinear forms.
  4. Introduce cross-contour drawing and composition.
  5. Proportion and local color.
  6. Introduce lighting and values, light and shadows.
  7. Measurement, proportion and design.
  8. Human face proportion.
  9. Drawing eyes.
  10. Drawing nose.
  11. Drawing mouth.
  12. Drawing ear.
  13. Drawing face.
  14. Portrait project
  15. Final project review and presentation.

Student's Testimonies

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This is part of the class videos for "Proportion and Local Color" in my Online Drawing I Course.
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