Mary Churchill

Artist Mary Churchill


My artistic talents were not encouraged in my childhood and were actively discouraged because art was not taken seriously. I was gifted with a wonderful art teacher who made the difference. In my teens, I found work with a large newspaper in Philadelphia in the art department.

My Fine Art Education was at Fleisher’s Art Memorial and the Philadelphia College Museum of Art. I was to take many classes in further study with New England area artists, and then to do refresher classes at Mass. Art in Boston for Watercolor Portraiture studies. Of all my teachers, my favorite was Adolph Gottlieb of Philadelphia. Although he has been gone from this life for many years, I have been reunited with him at the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire, through his work entitled "From Midnight to Dawn."

For many years I’ve used only Arches watercolor Paper, and canvas for acrylics.

I have painted a variety of experiences and subjects, but favor children, animals and the sea. Of my experiences, a trip to Italy as an adult inspired me to a passion for painting religious subjects at one time. I was strongly pointed in the direction of the sea because my father took his children to Atlantic City each summer where we would play around Lighthouses while he fished.

As an adult, I worked as the art department artist for an offset printing business. I did the typesetting, art work, layout and Design for in-house newsletters for Casinos in Atlantic City. That experience enabled me to service the Casinos in my own printing company. In recent years I’ve worked only in watercolors and acrylics, and teach Basic and Advanced Drawing along with watercolor and Acrylics to children and adults in my Gallery and studio in Nashua, NH.

The Subject matter of my work has been influenced by my emotions since I can remember. Although I have illustrated a book and a few other things, I don’t especially enjoy this type of work. I do however derive pleasure from teaching kids, and my own work improves greatly from that experience. One of the most fulfilling things in my world today is to experience a child complete a painting with great satisfaction. I’ve noticed that young boys like to paint boats and water or fruits, but girls often choose landscapes, flowers and china as subjects.

My commissions have been mostly watercolor portraiture which are exciting and a great pleasure for me. These can be found in Italy, Ireland, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona, as well as New England.

The shows I’ve done have been mostly local as a member of Art groups. These were mostly special Fine Art Shows in Milford, Wilton, Nashua, Manchester and Bedford, NH... My paintings have been on display in various public places through the Nashua Area Artists Association and other groups as well as local Galleries.

I am grateful to have been given this path for my life and for the inspiration and energy to let my talents materialize. I think that we do not choose to be an artist or teacher, it chooses us.

How to Contact Artist and Teacher Mary Churchill

Ms. Churchill teaches Basic and Advanced Drawing, as well as Watercolor and Acrylic painting to students from 6 years to adult.

Studio Address: 142 Main Street, suite 201, Nashua, NH 03060
Contact Mary Churchill by phone: (603) 860-5753
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