Swan Goose

Tricolored Heron

You can help fight hunger

Servant's Heart Ministry is a Central Florida based non-profit that provides weekly groceries boxes to vulnerable families and seniors in need.

Part of the proceeds from your orders will go to Servant's Heart Ministry

These prints are made using the finest pigment ink on archival, 100% cotton watercolor paper. Prints made using this process will last as long as an original watercolor painting. Because each print will be color corrected and produced by Yong, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the original and the print. No international shipping, only available for the US residents. If you need larger prints, please contact us.

You can also select artwork from the large selection in Yong Chen Gallery.

Ordering Deadline

Ordering for the prints must be made before February 25, 2022. No order will be accepted after this date.

Here’s how to order

  1. Choose the number of prints in your order from the drop-menu, then press the "Buy Now" button to start the payment process.
  2. After you complete the payment, use the link on that page to email us the names of your prints.
11" x 8.5" - $100/print
Number of prints
19" x 13" - $150/print
Number of prints


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